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Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Rings: A Superior Gift

The best things in life are free. But the second-best things might just be Cubic Zirconia (CZ) birthstone rings! With so much talk around Diamonds vs. Cubic Zirconia, it can be easy to forget that CZ has a wide variety of stunning stones to choose from. And they’re not just a suitable substitute, either. CZ rings hold their own in terms of quality, wow-factor and appeal. Whether you’re on the hunt for Ruby red or timeless Turquoise, Cubic Zirconia birthstone rings make superb gifts.

Most experts trace the origin of birthstones to the Old Testament, when Moses laid out instructions for a very special garment. The garment, to be worn by Aaron, was set with twelve precious gemstones. Over time, the twelve stones became symbolically attached to the twelve months, and birthstones were born! Because of their highly personalized and symbolic nature, birthstones have long been considered a thoughtful, celebratory gift. But natural gemstones and simulated stones aren’t your only birthstone options!

Unlike simulated stones made of faceted glass, Cubic Zirconia is a sturdy, high-quality alternative to natural gemstones. Where glass is a brittle “super cooled liquid”, Cubic Zirconia is a highly-refractive solid with a hardness of 8.5. This makes it slightly harder than most semi-precious gems and far superior to simulated stones. And the high R.I. (refractive index) is what gives CZ its incomparable sparkle!

But what about the advantages of choosing Cubic Zirconia birthstone rings over natural gemstones? First, let’s talk about cost. Why should you spend an exorbitant amount on a natural stone when you can deliver the same aesthetic brilliance at a fraction of the cost? With all of the beautiful symbolism and significance intact, Cubic Zirconia is an ethically-sourced (and equally striking) alternative to natural gemstones.

And speaking of ethically-sourced, our Cubic Zirconia are sourced right here in the USA. The sad truth is that firsthand gems raise all kinds of ethical red flags. While a lot of attention is placed on “blood diamonds”, other gemstones are sourced with just as much conflict and worker exploitation. One way to be certain that you aren’t contributing to far-reaching, questionable practices is to say no to natural gems. The more conscientious choice is a beautiful, direct-to-consumer, Cubic Zirconia birthstone ring.

Regardless of what milestone you are honoring – wedding, anniversary, birthday – a Cubic Zirconia birthstone ring is an elegant pick for a personalized, memorable gift. And the options are myriad. Choose from a wide variety of settings, hues and sizes. Whether you’re looking to dazzle them with Amethyst or charm them with Tanzanite, these vibrant rings make an alluring addition to your loved one’s cache of most beloved treasures.

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