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About Ring Parlor

Ring Parlor at its core is an online jewelry store with a vision and passion for delivering stunning fine jewelry. We come from a humble beginning, just a newly-wed husband and wife trying to make an impact in the world through selling jewelry. We believe in selling ethically sourced and affordable jewelry that empowers the wearer with confidence in knowing they have an amazing piece of jewelry on their hands.


Through our experience of researching jewelry, we discovered the unsavory side of the jewelry industry, with conflict diamonds funding wars in 3rd world countries, to children labor being used to unearth these diamonds. That's why for our marriage we had lab created diamond rings. However, after getting married, we dug into the world of jewelry and discovered more about the jewelry industry that made us realize we wanted to provide the world with stunning, ethically sourced jewelry that didn't break the bank. We also wanted to give back and help support causes around the world that help fight the conflict diamond industry, along with providing for those in other countries that may be exploited, as millions of people each year are affected negatively, with their lives disrupted because of the other side of the diamond industry.


That's how Ring Parlor was born, with a mission to provide ethically sourced, affordable, and stunning jewelry. We sell ethically sourced diamond simulants that are a fraction of the cost of diamond jewelry, while looking equally stunning. (My wife even prefers the look of the $70 larger diamond simulant ring over the genuine $4000 engagement ring I got her, I wish I'd have known that before proposing 😅)


When we began Ring Parlor, we had a vision to give back, and so we do! We currently support two charities and donate 20% of proceeds from our sales each month to them. We support Compassion International and their work in helping children in impoverished countries, along with Global Witness and their work in challenging corruption and protecting the environment from the effects of the blood diamond trade.


So in a nut shell, what is Ring Parlor? We are a small business with an emphasis on quality, ethical sourcing, affordability through selling direct to consumer, and stunning designs!



The Ring Parlor Team